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Product Name:  Color CMOS PTZ IP Camera with built-in TEL alarm
Name:   Color CMOS PTZ IP Camera with built-in TEL alarm Model: SSG-029 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: IP Camera+Alarm 
  Outstanding features:

1.When the intruder break into the defence zone , alarm accessories like door sensor,PIR motion sensor,IR baluster, etc will be triggered and send the signals to the alarm host,then the alarm host will start the PTZ IP Camera to make 360 degree rotation. At the same time, the search light on the host will be turned on and it will turn with the PTZ, what is more , the recorded voice message will be placed loudly , so that the intruder will be scared away. This system is an integrated system based on wireless intruder alarm, IP Camera, dazzling search light,PTZ, scared voice message.
2.Maximumly deterring intruder: First, it has auto-start dazzling search light which can make sure that the image will be very clear in darkness. Secondly , it has voice warning system: supports that in the night, when an intruder break into your house, instantly the dazzling search light auto start , the house became bright right away, and the scared voice message sound in a second, how the intruder will react , he may stop and run away.
Maximumly securing resident: most intruder commit an crime in the dark, the auto-start search light will scare him a lot . Even if he is your acquaintance , do not worry , because once the house turns into bright by the search light , the IP camera will auto start video surveillance and record the video as testimony in other place. And the voice message will told him that your video is recorded in other place. Supports that it is only an CMOS camera with several LEDs, it is hardly for the camera to record clear video ,what is worse , in extreme situation , the intruder may kill the resident under dark house , because he may know his video can not be recorded clearly , nobody will recognize him out . So that it can insure that acquaintance will not harm the resident , because he will found that it is the same as committing an crime in front of the police under such an security system.
4.Professional security, customising for you : we have supplied security companies from all over the world this product with the following voice message:"Police warning: you are intruding private area and beening video recorded, the video is stored in sever in other place, please go away right away" .. This voice message is used to told the intruder that his face,body has been video recorded and stored and will go on recording , If he did further damage or killing , he will be punished more in the future , so this will secure the resident maximunly .
5.If the resident is out of house , he can watch monitoring video on the computer and speak to the intruder like telling him that what is the color of his clothes , this will let the intruder found that he is really watched by the resident, so that he may run away . If the buyer want to order mobile phone remote surveillance system , we can customise it for you . Our standard products are customised for the big buyer like security company who has the requirement for video surveillance and alarm monitoring station .

Unique Features

1, The system has PSTN Alarm function for security protection and IP Camerea function for remotely video surveillance.
2, The system has two search light. When alarm, the search light will also been triggered to deterrent the intruder and make sure that the image will be clear at night.
3, Spot Voice message: it has loud voice message , once system triggered , it will place the voice message automatically and scare away the intruder or burglar

Main Alarm Features:

1.With built-in TEL alarm
2.Auto dial six groups phone number on a emergency
3.Mute alarm ON/OFF
4.Arm/disarm PIR separately
5.Support various accessory like PIR motion sensor,door sensor etc

Main IP Camera Features
1. M-JPEG CMOS 0.3 MegaPixel
2. With high DB voice indication to warn the intruder
3. With the two strong searchlights, if the system detects any movement, the PTZ starts to rotate, and the searchlight will be triggered with strong light to scare away the illegal intruder
4. Worldwide remote control through internet
5. Can work with PTZ, 360 degrees monitor
The operating system embedded Linux system
Video compression:M - JPEG
Signal system PAL or NTSC
Frame frequency - - > 25fps
Resolution PAL: VGA (640 * 480), SIF (320 * 240), QSIF (160 * 120
The network interface RJ45, 10/100m adaptive Ethernet interface support network protocol TCP/IP, HTTP, ICMP, DHCP, FTP, SMTP, PPPoE support IP address static IP address, dynamic IP address

How does the system work?

The System combine the IP Camera with the PSTN Alarm System. It can use with many different alarm sensors. In arm status, if the sensor was triggered, it will send signal to     
the panel. Once the panel received the signal, the system will alarm.          

When Alarm:         
   1. It will activate the siren.          
   2. It will aso auto dial the preset phone numbers to inform the user. And the user can remote control the system on phone.          
   3. The PTZ IP Camera will also been triggered to rotate by automatically. Then the user can view the video to surveillance through Internet.           
   4. The search light will trun on to make sure that the image was clear at night.          
   5. The spot voice message will activate to deterrent the intruder.         

The system are mainly used for the Security Compnay to do central monior or used for retail security production. The panel can only work with wireless sensors. It has following function: spot or remote voice alert function to deterrent the intrudeer, voice inrtuction function to alert which zone sensor was triggered, two search light to scare the intruder, 6 group of preset phone numbers, sound/mute alarm, learning code and arm/disarm/bypass/emergency calling. In addition, it can work with external siren.       

System overview:          
 1. PSTN Alarm Function: The system can work with door sensors, PIR motion sensor, smoke detector, gas detector and some other detectors. So if any intrusion and emergency happens, the system will immidiately send the alarm information and do spot alarm. Once alarm, the panel will auto dial the preset phone numbers. Anf if the alarm call has been connected, the user can remote control the system to listen-in/arm/disarm/turn on the siren/turn off the siren. And the user can also dia-in to remote control the system.          
 2. IP Camerea function for remotely surveillance: The user can view the video to surveillance through Internet. If any intrusion or emergency happens,  the PTZ IP Camera will also been triggered to rotate automatically.        
 3. The search light will trun on and the spot voice message will activate to deterrent the intruder.At night, we can make sure that the IP Camera has clear image. 

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