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Product Name:  H.264 HD IP Camera (IR distance 120m)
Name:   H.264 HD IP Camera (IR distance 120m) Model: SSG-IP-IR927  
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: HD IP Camera 
  Main Function:
1.9"inch 27X IP IR high resolution Constant Speed Dome Camera
2.IR distance 300 meters, 36pcs big Piranha LED lights, Built-in 27X zoom integrative camera, SONY,480 TVL, acctual night vision distance upto 120 meters. All metal mechnical structure, pure copper gear, full module design,0-355°pan rotation, 0-90°tilt rotation, Separate optical system for camera and IR, no Reflective phenomenon at night.
3.Wirless alarm system, can work with 5 key fobs, 20 wireless accessories
4.can upload vieo to the Central Monitoring System in 24 hours, or upload video when the system was triggered and alarm.
5.The most advanced video compression algorithms H.264
6.work with the embedded Web Server based on Linux
7.Dual stream technology
8.support digital watermarking security system
9.adapt to 10M/100m network interface
10.flexible and overall tied mechanism of alarm system. can support the video storage function before or after the system alarm. 11.SIP/VoIP support 2-way audio and video.
12.meet international standards of 3GPP completely, built in web server, support IE and Firfox access control privileges
13.Formally approved by the international stander of the ONVIF Compatibility Certification
14.can work with the domesstic and international Central Monitoring system
15.Providing standard HTTP API interface, easy to instal into the central monitoring software
PTZ input voltage: 24V AC ,50-60Hz, can also be adjusted according to the export country
Infrared lamp input power: 35W
Built-in decoder: Yes (can be preset with bits)
Rotation angle: Horizontal: 0 ° -355 ° vertical: 0 ° -90 °
Rotary Limit: Horizontal / Vertical Adjustable
Housing material: on the cover: high-strength engineering ABS, under the hood: bears distort optical materials Acrylic
Under the hood color: transparent Maximum load: 5kg
PTZ input power: 10W
Infrared light board :24-36 specifications piranhas of the headlights, the effective distance of 120 meters
Communication protocol: RS485, multi-protocol optional
Rotation speed: Horizontal: 24 ° / S Vertical: 12 ° / S
Maximum allowable size of the camera + lens: 155 65 60mm
Operating temperature: -35 ~ ~ +73

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