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Please click here to watch SSG CMS Video Demo on youtube:
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Part two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzVgBaLTig4

Nine. Patrol management module

Professional presentation:
* Manage the alarm report and check the security guard′s performance.
* Manage the security patrol guard, and upload the accurate patrol records.
* Work with GPS to check the patrol track;
* Locate the patrol guard;
* Manage the alarm of patrol guard.

Popular introduce:
When the SSG terminal products work with the CMS, it has patrol function, and the security guard′s performance can be also checked. For example, SSG has an exclusive wireless keypad. The security patrol guard can keep it with his own ID. He should press the ID digital button on the wireless keypad when he is in front of the shops. Then the wireless signal will be sent to the CMS, so the time and times will be recorded automatically. On the other hand, the person on duty should be to the scene at the first time if there is an emergency. The CMS will get to know he is at the scene once he press the ID digital button on the wireless keypad. The time that the emergency happen and the person on duty arrive can be recorded and memorized. If the person on duty is late to the scene, the CMS can also report it to the management, which will prevent the stuff from dereliction of their duty.

Applications: Manage the security patrol guard; check on work attendance of the patrol guards.

Unique applications:
(1) CMS from SSG can help you save the money for Patrol System.
(2) CMS will confirm the security guard is at the scene or not.
(3) CMS from SSG can help you manage your staff in the security company.

Comparison List

  CMS in the market CMS from SSG
Security Patrol System No The unique Security Patrol System from SSG make full use of the features of front-end devices and platform.
Attendance Records of the security patrol guard No The management center will get to know that the security patrol guard is present at the scene by receiving the signal from the wireless keypad.
Management System for security patrol guard No There are detailed records of the end users′ management and security guard′s performance.


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