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Product Name:  40 Defence Zones LCD Display Voiced Intelligent Burglar Alarm System (Wireless&Wired)   Hot
Name:   40 Defence Zones LCD Display Voiced Intelligent Burglar Alarm System (Wireless&Wired) Model: SSG-O 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: PSTN Alarm 
  Main Features:
1) Can work with wired/wireless keypad
2) Compact design, orange backlight, night vision, 40 zones LCD display
3) Voice instruction
4) Preset 6 groups of alarm phone numbers
5) Telephone line anti-cutting function
6) Backup rechargeable Li-battery with high capacity
7) Anti-tampering alarm
8) Learning code, easy to add/remove wireless sensors
9) 3 groups of time to arm/disarm the system
10) Siren hooting time(1??30minutes programmable)
11) Time delay to arm/alarm(0??99s programmable)
12) Remote control thru mobile phone
13) Sound/mute alarm
14) Record 10 seconds voice message
15) Password protection
16) Record 100 event logs
17) Arm/disarm each zone separately
18) Compatible with ADEMCO alarm report centre
Unique Features:
1)Ready to Arm feature:
Did you always forget closing the doors and windows at night or away home? This feature will alert you with voice, beeps and LCD notice if you leave a door or window open when you??re arming the system. The "Ready to Arm" feature can be enabled or disenabled by simply clicking on the keypad.
2) Door&Window Chime feature:
After the system is disarmed, the control panel will chime beeps indicating a door or window has been opened. This feature can be programmed to all of door or window sensors. You can turn on or off this feature by simply click on the keypad. Always be informed while people getting in and out.
3)Alive Checking feature:
The control panel will alarm if it did not receive a signal from any sensor during a specific time(eg.12 hrs).
4) Sensors low power indication function:
If any sensor is in low power status, it will send indication message to the main panel, and the main panel will send indication message to alarm report centre
Power supply: Input AC 110V; 220V; 230-240V; Output DC 9V, 300mA
Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
Stand-by current: < 20mA
Alarm current: < 150mA
RF output of power: 8.5mW
Operating range: up to 100 meters in open air.
Siren: > 110dB
Temperature range: -10 ~ 50 degree
Relative humidity: < 90%
1. The system is mainly used for home. Especially for those house which has garage,a lot of rooms. 
2. With powerful function, reliable quality and fashionable design.  
3. With LCD Display each alarm zone. When alarm, we can know which sensor was triggered. 
4. User friendly design. The keypad was concealed under the shell. We should not worry about that the children will press the keypad to cause false alarm, false arm, false disarm or false setting. 
5. Can be used in office, hotel or some other places where have a stringent demand for the function
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