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Product Name:  CMOS PTZ IP Camera with built-in GSM alarm
Name:   CMOS PTZ IP Camera with built-in GSM alarm Model: SSG-IP828 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: IP Camera+GSM Alarm 
  System overview:
The SSG-IP828 system is integrated system based on IP video surveillance,GSM autodial alarm and SMS text alert. after you receive alarm message from the system , you can use its IP camera to watch the local surveillance video. what is more , if you make it works with our central monitoring station, the alarm message and surveillance video will pop up and show on our platform .

How it works:
Before it works,you just need to make several simple configurations:learn the alarm accessories into the system,insert SIM card and set dialout/SMS phone numbers,IP surveillance setup. bellow are brief steps on how it works:
1. alarm accessories like door sensor,PIR motion sensors been triggered and send out signals to the camera
2. After the cameras received the singals,the built-in GSM alarm will:
auto play recorded voice message
auto dial out preset phone numbers
start the wired siren and hoot
send SMS alert message the user to tell him/her which zone and sensor been triggered.
3. After the user answered the call , he/she can
listen the recorded message
start listen in to hear what is happening in the house
remote control the camera via his/her mobile phone including turn off/on siren, arm/disarm the system,etc.
4. After you received alarm message and you want to watch live video,you can use the IP camera to make surveillance and PTZ control on the web.

Main Alarm Features:
1.With built-in GSM alarm
2.Auto dial six groups phone number
3.SMS control function, such as arm/disarm via SMS, also can send SMS to check alarm Status
4.SMS & phone call control function, SMS auto-response
5.Mute alarm ON/OFF
6.Arm/disarm PIR separately
7.Support 20 wireless detectors, 5 remotes
8.Can work with alarm receiving center

Main IP Features:
1.Integrated with PTZ,multi-functional decoder and IR LED as one low speed dome PTZ camera.
2.Can remote control PTZ through internet.
3.Support multi-viewing and IE browsing.
4.Easy to install, operate and maintain.

1.M-JPEG compression
2.0.3 MegaPixel CMOS chip, night surveillance
3.3.6 mm Lens, 8 meters surveillance distance, 92 surveillance degree
4.Integrated with PTZ
5.Horizontal Turning : 355 degree (maximum),20 degree (minimum), Vertical Turning: 90 degree
6.Support multi-viewing and IE browsing
7.Built-in video server & decoder
8.Support PTZ control through internet
9.Human voice loud-speaking to warn the intruder, e.g. you have intruded a protected area, please exit immediately)
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