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Product Name:  Wireless 3G Camera Video Alarm System   Hot
Name:   Wireless 3G Camera Video Alarm System Model: SSG-1168-B83-W++ 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: 3G Camera Alarm 

1.Setup by USB cable or wireless keypad,1.3 Megapixel camera, remote 3G mobile phone monitoring
2.With PTZ, Pan 0-360 degree and Tilt 0-90 degree rotation
3.12pcs IR LED, 8 meters night vision to ensure the system can work in the night.
4.With backup battery to ensure the system continue to work when AC power off
5.With built-in speaker and microphone,can remote speak and talk with the camera.
6.SMS notification if any sensor is triggered
7.Dial-in to remote control the camera to watch monitoring video via 3G phone
8.5X Digital Zoom function to make you see clear image on your 3G phone.
9.Remote control the camera to arm/disarm/turn on siren/turn off siren/2-way talking/digital zoom etc during 3G video call.
10.Entry/Exit time delay
11.SD card video recording function: video auto recording bofore video call, remote contorl camera to record video into the SD card
12.World-wide USE W-CDMA 3G Format,full band.
13.MMS alert: MMS picture from the camera will be sent to your mobile after system triggered.
14.can work with 20 alarm accessories and 5 remote control like door sensor,PIR sensor,smoke sensor,etc.
15.Voice instruction to guide you after you answer the call and further operate the system.
16.Areas without 3G signal,system will turn to 2G mode, auto dial out phone numbers and send MMS.
17.Auto dial 6 group phone numbers prestored,send SMS/MMS alert after system triggered.
18.Can connect wired siren which will go off after system triggered to make loud sound and scare the intruder.

How it works:

1.Somebody intrude your house and trigger the sensors
2.Triggered sensors will send signals to the 3G camera
3.The 3G camera will auto dial out preset 3G number,wired-connected siren will go off,send out SMS or MMS alert.
4.Your 3G mobile phone will ring and receive SMS/MMS message.
5.After you answer the call from the 3G camera,you will see video from the camera on your phone.
6.You can remote rotate the 3G camera,turn off/on siren,listen in,two-way talk,arm/disarm,zoom in/out,etc.
Provider: WCDMA USIM Card
Operating frequency:
Triple-band HSDPA/UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz
Quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Alarm Feature:
RF frequency: 315/433.92MHz
Work with wireless door/window contact, PIR motion sensor, smoke/gas detector, glass break detector etc.

IR Night Vision:
12 LED
8 meters night vision

Video & Audio:
Video format: 3GP
Resolution: 1280 X 960
Audio format: H.324
Built-in microphone & speaker for 2-way talking

Memory Storage:
SD card
Capacity support: Max 4G

User Interface:
3G Mobile phone

Power Supply:
Input: AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz;
Output: DC12V
With built-in 3.7v/12v rechargeable lithium battery

Ergonomic Design:
Ceiling-mount kit
Pan(0-360°)/Tilt(0-90°) rotation
ABS cover
Indoor usage

3G Camera Application

1. Target market: Customers who requires Advanced Home automation and villa security protection
Function: 1). Visitor comes but nobody at home, he can call the indoor monitor, 3G smart indoor monitor will aoto dial owner¡äs 3G phone and the owner can view visitor¡äs picture on 3G phone and they also can have a 2 way talking.

2). If villa owner is out,he can dial in the 3G indoor monitor and to check the surrounding video of the villa via switch different channel cameras.

3). When gas leakage alarm,home intrusion or old people need emergency care,all the wireless sensors will report these situations to 3G indoor monitor and monitor will auto dial house owner¡äs 3G phone,then owner can view the house video and manage the matter rapidly and do it better.

4) Video monitor your house mammy whether she abuse your children
5).Check your house anytime any where if you are worried about something was not managed
6). Check your garage lock or not
7). House owner even can close the water faucet and gas pipeline
8). Work with community boadcast system and enjoy beatiful music when you walking on the morning.

2. Target market 2: Home with aged parents
Will you worry about your sick parents? When you are out for work. Even you hire a nurse, you still worry about it. So how to ensure the quality of nurse service? You just need installing a 3G terminal, you can monitor all situation in your house.

3. Hospital, as one of biggest clients for 3G products, adopt 3G products widely in ward. In order to bring convenience to the family member of the sick, 3G products are installed in hospital to allow family member monitor the sick remotely. So people can save a lot of time and energy.
Insurance company sometimes cooperate with 4S station, there are some required occasions for example, the insurer can remotely monitor the compensate settlement of car¡äs damage in the 4s station, the police can monitor the public order.

4. National security
3G products can be also applied into many places, such as forest, railway system, bridge, source of water, company for secret products and so on.

5. Government affairs: Together with government monitoring system, 3G terminal can work as a part to help government hold a meeting alive, real-time monitoring, mobile officing and so on. The 3G products benefit a lot from WCDMA network a lot.

6. Financial Site Monitoring
Wireless and fast 3G wireless network transmission can help banks to have real time monitoring and ensure the safety and supply better service.

7. Police affairs:3G terminal can be connected with police office system. With the help of WCDMA network. We can realize the idea of law mobile enforcing. It will be one of the advantages for police office system. Police office can use this system to find useful information, upload emergency information, monitor site of accident, tackle emergency on-line. It will be an effective way to work for police office.

8£®With the help of WCDMA network, 3G terminal can be installed along the coast line, the related people can monitor some special places remotely. Because of WCDMA high transmission performance, 3G products can help coast defence department work more efficiently.

9. Traffic management system¡ªmobile enforcement system base on 3G
3G traffic surveillance system use the WCDMD network. By connecting the WCDMA system with data monitoring center of the traffic management center, the people of the traffic management center can do mobile enforcement, mobile office, highways inspections through 3G service. The advantage of the service is that the WCDMA network has a rapid data transmission system, so the users can inquire and report the information of the traffic and upload video anytime and anywhere. And at last, we can realize the wireless data transmission of the traffic system.

10. Remaote video monitoring and management center for the chain shops.
Chain shops are the main shopping place in our daily life. While as the rapid development of the scale and numbers of the shops, It become difficult for the manager and owner to manage the shops. They need to spend more time and energy to learn about the work and service of the staff, the flow of customer, the logistic condition and the security alarm system and so on. While there are so many shops, So it¡¯s hard for them to take into account all of the shops. By using SSG 3G remote video monitoring system, they can remotely manage their shops. Combining the Phone video and the network monitoring service center, the manager can achive the remote control and security management of the shops.

11. The 3G network vieo monitoring system in the nusery school.
Parents always pay most attention to their children. They are careful for the healthy growth of the children. Many parents wat to know more about their childern¡¯s performance in the nursury school such as the meals, their special ability. And they even hope the teacher can assitant them to educate the children when they are in home. SSG 3G video monitoring system help the parents and teachers to supervise and assitant the healthy growth of the children. And by watching the video to monitor the children trough the mobile phone, the parents can easily and timely realize the situation of the children without the restriction of the time and place. What¡¯s more the parents and the teacher can do real-time communication and interaction and the parents can supervise and direct the taching work of the teacher. SSG helps you to build the best nursery school.

12. 3G Video Alarm System for base station, tower, power station.
Base station, tower, power station arealways locate in the sparsely populated area. These equipment cost highly. The destory and stole of these equipment will lead to the break off of the communication and power supply system and incredible indirect loss. SSG Video Alarm System for base station, tower, power station intergrate the 3G high definition video system, acctual voice warning, outdoor voiceless military phased array radar technology to solve the problem like no internet and telephone line in the open air¡¢false alarm¡¢no real-time arrival. Trough our 3G video alarm system, we can surveillance all the situation and scare away the burglar.

13. 3G Smart phone for car video surveillance alarm system
As the rapid development of the ecomy and the increase of the long-haul vans, the traffic accidents become more frequent, especially the serious traffic accident of the long-haul vans. These accident bring incredible loss to our daily life. SSG 3G network vieo monitoring system supply a broad space for the native and remote monitoring. The development of the network communication techonology and image compressed techonology provide possibility for city and community security management and realize remote realtime coded play and monitor of the Stream media. 3G network video monitoring system have many advantages such ad powerful customer management function, extendable features, good compatibility and distributed administration

14. 3G intelligent home.
3G video can help people to protect their home and meet their different demand. (the 3G Video alarm can work with our intelligent control switch, gas detector, water level sensor, Wireless intelligent double curtain PIR and so on

15. 3G Video medical care.Every family has Elderly: parents and grandparents. Can you take care of them all the time? How do you do if the elderly have an accident or sick but you are not around? Many elderly people which live alone can avoid many unnecessary tragedy if they can get timely assistance when accident occur. Do you think about that?
3G Mobile Video Surveillance System, which developed by Shenzhen Security Group Corp., Ltd.(SSG) provide an Emergency Calling System for the old, and solve the problem for the young. The main functions of the 3G Mobile Video Surveillance System including: Video viewing, video alarm and automatic video storage, intelligent alarm, high-definition video camera, cell phone remote voice warning and so on.

16) Safe City Emergency Command promote harmonious society: public security of the Safe City is basic guarantee for a better and harmonious living environment. Some public places such as bars, hotels, it¡äs very difficult to unified manage, which is the most pressing problems of the Security Management Department. 3G Security Monitoring System is a video surveillance system with one set of remote multi-site. All the videos of bars or hotels can be collected to unified manage by Police Monitoring Center.

17)Security video surveillance alarm system for outdoor rugged environment:
3G Video Surveillance System can be use for outdoor rugged environment where it¡äs hard to keep safe and the communication signal is poor, such as reservoir, forest, dam, well, mine, powder magazine and so on.

18) 3G Video Surveillance System can be used for armor cash carrier of the bank:
Monitoring center will know the safety of armor cash carrier anytime. 3G camera can send the live video and alarm information to the monitoring center at the first time. 3G Video Surveillance System can be also used for taxi robbery, positioning, anti-theft alarm and so on.

19) 3G Video Surveillance System can be used for shop and warehouse:
It can protect the shop and warehouse from the invasion of thieves. It will send live video and alarm information to you. And you can manage your staff online anytime.

20) With the development of car industry, more and more people get a car, traffic accident is inevitable, Insurance company have to identify traffic accidents at that time. so how to handle these things? In order to save money and energy, insurance company tends to cooperate with 4S center to install Some 3G monitoring teminals,with the help of 3G video system, people from insurance company can handle the accidents remotely. The car owener can get the proper compensation soon. In that way, insurance company can save a lot of human resources. There is no doubt 3G terminal get a promising market.

21£©Outdoor monitoring for billboard beside expressway
In orde to promote its products and give clients a brief introduction about company, A lot of big company takes a lot of money to set up a outdoor billboard beside the expressway. In order to know whether the billboard is maintained by advetisement company well or not. Sometimes company adopt a 3G monitoring terminal around the billboard.

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