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Product Name:  Auto rearview mirror 3G Camera for Car GPS Positioning   Hot
Name:   Auto rearview mirror 3G Camera for Car GPS Positioning Model: SSG-3G&GPS 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: 3G GPS Car Alarm 

1.This product looks like a car rearview mirror , strongly hidden , works after detecting continual vibrating and shaking under arm.
2.Easy installation: install it on the car rearview mirror in 5 seconds , no any wiring like other GPS devices, built-in back battery, 10 hour battery life

per charging.
3.Secure your car: it will make engine-starting alarm under arm (do it by vibration sensors in the car)
4. Built-in 3G camera: 1.3 megapixel HD camera, it will auto dial user¡äs 3G mobile and send live video to you mobile via 3G video call. If no 3G signals , it

will switch to 2G network.
5. Image zoom: you can control the camera to 5X zoom via your mobile to watch clearer video.
6. SD card video recording: it can be used as small car monitoring device, you can start video recording in advance if needed.
7. Emergency alarm: it has a hidden panic button , you can press it for emergency help.
8. GPS and video upload: it can be managed by the platform , alarm , positioning message and video can be uploaded to platform (you can decide to turn on or

off this function as you like)
9. Car telephone: it has car telephone function, you can make hand-free two-way call if needed (user can close two-way talking but listen in only on

emergency alarm)
10. Sound/mute alarm available: you can use different alarm mode on different situation
11. 3G channel changable: you can change between video call and common 2G network.
12. Basic GPS functions: it has basic GPS functions including positioning , real-time monitoring , tracking , etc .
13. Event handling: you can use listen in , forced video call, taking pictures to make you hear and see the alarm event.
14. Remote set-up and control: you can make remote set-up to the terminal devices, system can use 3G or 2G SIM card to reduce the cost . Areas without 3G

signals , system will switch to GPRS automaticlly .
15. Info checking: you can check info on devices and historic data.
16. Terminal device checking: you can check and set the terminal device by internet , smart phone , PDA.
17. Password authentication: you can choose the camera to connect with the GPS monitoring station or not . you can set a password to the video call function,

so if you want to dial in for video checking., you must enter correct password.
18. Wireless panic button (Customizable function) : there is a hidden panic button on the device, now you can customise it to wireless panic button to make

it more perfect.
19. IR night vision: it has built-in and hidden camera with IR LEDs , you can start IR night vision remote.
20. Remote video monitoring and listen in: you can start mute working mode to listen in and make video monitoring to the car thieves .
21. System update: we can use USB cable to make online update to your system if needed.
Working voltage:DC12V
Quiescent current:
A.GSM mode only<20MA
B.Timing upload mode<30MA
C.Auto mode<20MA
D.When uploading information through GPRS<300MA
When make voice phone call<320MA
When make video phone call<420MA
The module working frequency GSM : 850MHZ/900MHz/1800MHz/ ; WCDMA:2100MHZ/900MHz
Built-in battery :DC12V2000MA
Memory card:TF card
System can support the capacity of memory card:4G
Working temperature:-15 Degree to 65 Degree

GPS+3G Vehicle Camera

Anti hijacking scence

Image1:The three men waving to taxi driver for taking taxi.
Image2:One of them take out a knife,the driver is forced to drive.
Image3:Driver prented to say that somebody is tracking them and move the rearview mirror haphazard.In fact he has pressed the hidden emergency calling button stealthily.The whole system has turned into anti hijacking rescue state.

Image4:The platform watch-man receive the distress signal,and display the GPS positioning information.Policeman can view their action and talking through remote 3G video monitoring anti-hijacking.They layout roadblocks to intercept the hijacker .

Image5:The hijacker is catched.

Throughout monitoring system of Security company armed escort

Image 1:Platform watch-man can view 18 armoured-car at same time.
Image 2:Suddenly,the siren ring out,the picture four display that the windshield of car WJ236D was broken,one armed police is laid down in cab.Driver is fighting with several stranger.Meanwhile the image display the address of the scene of the incident.
Image 3:Platform promptly notify the 911.
Image 4:Policeman catch the hijacker rapidly.

Private Car Protection

Image 1: Owner park his BMW car at the gate of the hotel
Image 2: owner´s 3G phone receive alarm video from his car
Image 3: Owner call 110 for for help
Image 4: The thief drive the car to a wild field and think that everything goes well
Image 5: Police arrest the thief within 2 minutes according to the GPS location system
Image 6: 3G camera playback the burglar process and everything is clear

Logistics Company

Image 1: The logistics company boss have many cars, but it¡¯s diffecult to manage them, because the boss doubt that some drivers run their personal business but with company¡¯s car
Image 2: All the cars are installed SSG GPS+3G Vehicle camera system
Image 3: One day, Tom drive the car and run his personal business during the return journey and he think that the area have no 3G signal, so the boss won´t know what he is doing. But Tom don¡¯t know that if 3G signal is not available, the device will swicth to 2G network and can send MMS to monitoring station. And some examples like this¡­
Image 4: Half a year later, logistics company¡äs effectivity improved 35%, the boss get muchmore profits and he was very happy.
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