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Name : SSG Digital Cloud Platform HOT
Model : SSG-CMS
Manufacturer :
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SSG Digital Cloud Platform

Just like picture above , all sub-platforms are developed as per the special requirement of sub-industry based on our Anbaotong digital cloud platform.
SSG digital cloud platform start a new era on network digital security management center, we developed many derivational sub-platform based on ...
Name : Video Alarm Central Monitoring Station
Manufacturer :
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Video Alarm Central Monitoring Station

All the sub-platform has the following features and functions:
1 sub-platform¡ä server , motherboard of core functions and the software are all developed and produced by SSG which has 52 years of history with mature and perfect product functions and features . SS...
Name : Prison Central Monitoring Station
Model : SSG-PCMS
Manufacturer :
Readme :

Part 1: Prison Central Monitoring Station (CMS)
Shenzhen Security Group (SSG) can provide SSG central monitoring core software, professional security servers, intelligent card. Equipments like monitors, you can buy it from your local area. Our CMS can setup clients, Signal from chief tower, and sub-tower can be transmitted to the CMS by wired ...
Name : Call Central Monitoring Station
Model : SSG-CCMS
Manufacturer :
Readme :
Description of the Call Central Monitoring Station

Call Central Monitoring Station is the latest intelligent receive alarm report system through network, which is specially developed for the elder, orientation, emergency help etc. It can be widely used in many situations, such as for the elder, network reporting alarm, emergency dealing, monitoring the elder′s activity i...
Name : School Central Monitoring Station
Model : SSG-SCMS
Manufacturer :
Readme :
The School Central Monitoring Station is used for security of all the kindergartens and schools in the city.
The system consists of Monitoring Center and terminals.

Part one: Monitoring Center
The Monitoring Center consists of two parts: one is the Head Monitoring Center, which is established at security company or the mana...
Name : Base Station Central Monitoring Station
Model : SSG-BCMS
Manufacturer :
Readme :
Base Station Central Monitoring Station

Base Station Central Monitoring Station are developed based on SSG Video Alarm Digital Cloud Platform.
This VAS is used for monitoring some important equipments in and around the base station, such as air-condit...
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