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Product Name:  Emergency Call Central Monitroing Station
Name:   Emergency Call Central Monitroing Station Model: SSG-ECS 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: Call Central Monitoring Station 

Description of the CMS

Emergency Call CMS is the latest intelligent receive alarm report system through network, which is specially developed for the elder, orientation, emergency help etc. It can be widely used in many situations, such as for the elder, network reporting alarm, emergency dealing, monitoring the elder¡äs activity in the family, charity institution, rest home, welfare home, hospitals, restaurant and recreation ground, etc.

(1)Emergency Call CMS can identify the alarm information exactly, and inform the alarm report to the user through the mobile phone or landline telephone with intelligent voice.

(2)If the user installs our network video & Alarm 2 in 1 system, when the user receive the alarm call, he can log in the video server with password and see remotely what happened to the elder or the person who need to be cared. Besides that, if you failed to see the video in real time, the video still can be played back. So you can see the video at any time.

(3) If the terminal unit with GSM or CDMA function, our management center can orient the Terminal device. By this way, it greatly reduces the difficulty to find the losing elders or the person needed to be cared. At the same time, this terminal products adopt two-way talking function, which help you to communicate with the elder in time.

(4) Medical record data: if the user has an emergency, the signal will be sent to the management center, the worker in the manage centre can find the elder¡äs data history, address, relative¡äs and neighbor¡äs contact information,etc at first time. Then take an effective action to help the elder,and inform the elder¡äs relatives. As showed in the picture above.

How does Emergency Call CMS Work?

This CMS can be widely used for the elder, the handicapped, serious sick people and others who need to be cared.

1. The Emergency Call System includes two parts: the user Terminal Products (including the terminal panel and accessories) and Management Center ( the Server, the module and software).

2. Emergency Call CMS (called Platform) includes: Computer server, Database. The system holds thousands of user¡äs information of emergency dealing with and help. Each user¡äs information contains: Name, gender, age, health information, first aid information, relatives, notices for possible suddenness when meeting with a emergency, grading of service membership, charging mode etc. The quantity of the Server (Platform) bases on the quantity of the users and complexity of the project.

3. The detail functions of the Terminal products (the terminal panel and accessories):

The terminal products : with 1 or 2 call buttons on the panel, LCD displays the working status of the terminal and messages of its communications information with the Server. Some Panels communicate with the CMS constantly 24 hours a day through GSM-GPRS Network.

The terminal panel can monitor the user¡äs daily activities. For example, when the user goes to the washroom , the movement sensor (PIR Sensor) will be triggered and send a signal to the panel and the panel sends a signal to the CMS and the CMS will show that the person is in the washroom now. And when the user goes out of the washroom the PIR Sensor will be triggered again and the CMS will show that the user is out of the washroom according to the signal. And the panels can also records how long the user has stayed in the washroom. If a certain time, for example ,15 min,(the time can be set) has passed but the panel doesn¡ät receive the second signal from the PIR Sensor to indicate that the user has gone out of the washroom, the panel will make "B. B. B" Alert three times to remind the user. If the user doesn¡ät close the reminding on the panel in a certain time [for example one minute (set)], the panel will send a signal to the CMS and inform that the user has been in the washroom for more than 15 mins but still not gets out. And the system will automatically dial the user¡äs phone. The user must press 1/2/3 keys on phone. And 1 means needing an ambulance; 2 means manually calling a relative; 3 means everything is OK.

Door Sensor: it is an intelligent device for detecting when someone opens a door or close a door. For example, if the user needs service,he or she needs to pay 100$ per month to the Management Center. One kind of the service is that the panel will inform the user to take medicine between 10:00 and 10:30 AM everyday with voice notice. What the user should do is to install an intelligent Door Sensor on the door of the cabinet where the medicine has been stored .The user should take medicine that stored in the cabinet at exact time everyday. Or the Receiver will inform the user it is time to take medicine. When he opens the door of the cabinet, the door sensor will send a signal to the panel and the panel will send a signal to the CMS immediately. Then the CMS will show that the user is taking the medicine. And a minute later, the user will close the door after taking the medicine and the Sensor will send the signal again and the CMS will show that the user has already taken the medicine. If the CMS doesn¡ät receive any signal from the Panel during the time.The CMS will call the user and tell him his panel may have some problem and to check it .At the same time remind him to take medicine now.

Other accessories have their own functions as the Intelligent Door Sensor.

Special Features for the Emergency Call CMS

What you get above is a call system topology chart made by SSG. The product functions and system operation are listed bellow:

1.Many elderly need inject insulin regularly to fight diabetes, or take blood pressure medicines, vitamins or digestion drugs on time. So we have set the "time reminder device" to solve this problem. For example, if an elderly people need to take medicine at 10:30, then we will install the system on your drug storage cabinet door. So when you opened the door to get the medicine, you have trigger the system to send out a signal to the control panel. After the control panel receive the signal, the system will record that you have open the door at 10:30 and default that you have take medicine from the cabinet and take the medicine, If the host does not receive the signal at 10:30 , the control panel will issue a "Didi" sound in 30 seconds to remind the elderly to take the medicine in time.If the elderly does not close the "Didi" sound within 30 second and the control panel does not receive the signal generated by the "timely reminder" in 15 minitues, the control panel will isuuse "Didi" sound again for another 30 seconds. If the elderly dose not turn down sound in the third times or the control panel does not receive the signal generated by the "timely reminder", the control panel will send a emergency message to the CMS, Then the attendant of the CMS will Call the elderly to check if something happens or any help is neede

2. Many elderly have acute medical record, such as heart disease, swoon and so on. Our Reminder and Emergency Call Device can solve this problem. For example, if the old man feels not well when he is on the job, he just need to press the Emergency Call button. The signal can be received by host, then the host will inform the preset phone numbers.

3. You will find a product named "bathroom", actually, it is a waterproof emergency button, the aged people can use it to call for help, once there is an emergency.

4. You can find a host panel at the bottom of the picture, it looks like a telephone, actually, we have several host panels, we just use one panel with 4 emergency buttons. You can post your family members or friends photos on the buttons. Once you press the button, the host will call the people accordingly automatically. Furthermore, the host is intelligent, so it can remind, inform, upload related information.

5, There are several alarm accessories for "living room", "Bedroom", and "kitchen" beside the host , which is used for patrol. It will send a signal to the host whenever and wherever the owner move. The host will record the time when the ower visit the space. For example, if the owner enter the bedroom at 10:12, and the host did not receive any signal from any other patrol(accessories) over the 16 hours (the time interval can be customized), there must be something wrong with the owner. And the host will send alarm signal to the Central Monitoring Station to tell the watchman or auto dial the preset number to named person immediately.

6.The ambulance+3G.This equipment it means that this calling system can cooperate with hosipital.You can install the 3G alarm camera in your ambulance car,then the experts can via the computer to mornitor and then tell the nurses to do some timely care for ensure the patients get the hospital treatment.Because the experts always will not in the ambulance car,sometimes the patients will not the life on the half way.In addition,the nurses on the ambulance car sometimes don¡ät know how to treatment the patients.So this system are popular and can be used in the application areas very well

7.The system support remote chatting ,remote nursing guide,view your baby,the old people when you are out.PTZ360°rotate,you can see any corner under the control of this host.

8.The others is the large Control Monitor Center.It¡äs the core of operation.Including 400 functions,management,charge and so on.Widely used in rescue center for old people in global.And it¡äs also the necessary to operators to operate ederly call system.

All the sub-platform has the following features and functions:

1 sub-platform server, motherboard of core functions and the software are all developed and produced by SSG which has 52 years of history with mature and perfect product functions and features . SSG platform are in service for nearly 4 million users worldwide . In China, Most of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom¡äs city-level SP service platform are provided by SSG , 110 police center from126 cities and counties(in 16 provinces) used SSG platform, 1576 security companies in mainland china are using SSG a platform.

2 SSG is a world famous security product manufacture, which insure that most of teminal devices worked with platform are made by us including 3G security , GPS-3G security, GSM alarm, 3G intercom, video alarm IP camera, CMS terminal,IP surveillance terminal ,wireless pinhole camera+DVR, car 3G+GPS terminal,emergency calling terminal,etc. So that platform server, motherboard of core functions and the software are all developed and produced by SSG .you can find all the terminals as many as 14300 in SSG . SSG is your one-stop supplier for platform and terminals which make you avoid the risk of incompatibility and inconvenience to use different products .

3 All platform are web-based system , easy to upgrade and maintain remotely from anywhere on the earth.

4 All platform can open and extend more sub-platform. That means once you built a main platform,you can set up client platform anywhere on the earth to run local business, and do not need to build platform again and again. Theres client platform all access main platform to work and run. If a common client platform manage 1000 terminals, you just need an computer with internet access.

5 Level to level administration. Each sub-platform can manage its own platform within its rang, but can not manage other platform beyond it rang. The main platform can access any other sub-platform. In such a way, we can achieve effective management and avoid business overlap. It is quite fit big operator,transnational,state-run,private-run security companies.

6 Platform will call and tell the person who receive the alarm message by TTS intelligent digital voice alert system where ,which zone and what alarm event happend, so that that person can take quick action to deal with it.

7 SSG can supply SDK and second-developing port

8 SSG platform has international open protocal incuding SSG-GPS/SSG-3G/SSG-GPRS/CONTACT ID/4+2/SSG-732

9 Support various access mode include 1 signaling, 7 signaling , common PSTN. All signaling mode can support 30 channel,60 channel,120 channel,1920 channel at most, common PSTN mode can support 4 channel,8channel,16 channel, at most 256 channel. Our system can work with worldwide telecommunication operator to do SP business, boost ARPU value.

10 prepay auto voice alert system, service auto suspended on debt,auto billing system, security guard dispatching and finishing respond system

11 DVR centralized management system, video capture setup system, video proof saving and replaying, video circular viewing, alarm and video confirmation system.

12 search nearest security guard on GPS platform and dispatch them to deal with the event

13 Terminal/accessories/platform self-checking/reporting system . Terminal and platform conduct self-checking via GPRS heartbeat.

14 our security platform can synchronously work with insurance company and alert them to deal with the event at the same time.

15 time arm/disarm feature and security guard patrol log checking/saving/backing system

16 perfect data auto backup function

17 English. Spanish, chinese, three language for your option. We can modify it to your own language as per your nation

18 Set the different package as per different end users and classify end user to different service level as per monthly fee and security level

19 work with latest google digital map and satellite map

20 Digital cloud processing,various communication format without interference. No limite to run transnational platform, no interference on same transmission with different route

All the CMS introductions below is based on 23 function modules from our CMS.

In order to let buyer with different background to know our CMS deeply, we make two CMS introductions, one for buyer with professional security background, the other is for average buyer. Both of them get the same meanings.

Function branches of SSG CMS involves knowledge from city information security to client security management, each function can be used in its application, with 23 modules, SSG CMS can bring a lot of business opportunities to the buyer. All in all, it is a wonderful tool to promote buyer¡äs business, SSG CMS will bring you a prosperity in career 100%.

With the coming of digital information times, the old solution can not meet people´s demand any more. In the past, security company used industrial personal computer(IPC) to manage alarm system, the system was fragile, IPC tend to be out of order from time to time. The buyer have to call the supplier again and again, however, the supplier can¡ät maintain the whole system remotely by computer, the engineer have to take several days to repair the whole system by himself. By far, most of CMS system suppliers still use IPC with standalone version, these CMS systems are suitable to Local area network(LAN), they are out of date. They get disadvantages as follows:

1. It can not be managed, maintained or updated remotely

2. It can¡ät set up Sub-CMS

3. Unstable performance, poor efficiency.

4. Resource utilization is low.

5. It can extend its business to new area, new service.

6. The system can only provide service to limited clients, maybe just serval hundreds clients. Comparatively, the best SSG CMS can accommodate at least 0.2 million clients. Our system can upload and download video synchronously.

Three core systems of SSG CMS are as follows:

1. 9 unit professional servers for SSG CMS. For more details, please refer to the brochure

2. Core function motherboard of CMS. It is the "CPU" of SSG CMS.

In fact the main hardware of CMS consists of two parts: servers and core function motherboard. Only with these hardwares, the software can operate successfully. From the angle of technology, CMS from other companies don¡ät have " Professional CPU" as SSG, so it is not the real CMS, just a standalone version dial-up control processor.

3. 23 system function modules.

We tend to name software with specific function as module, some software should work with specific hardware, we also call them as module. All these module should work with SSG hardware, so that the full function can be realized. All the digital modules in SSG CMS can be activated and upgraded remotely. All products from CMS to terminal products are developed by SSG, so the intellectual property belongs to SSG 100%. There is no doubt that the compatibility, performance stability, comparatively, is terrific.

Introduction about 23 CMS function modules (software+hardware):

Operating environment/system: SSG CMS is developed under the system of WINDOWS 2003, it is compatible with WINDOWS 7 completely.

One. SSG Core function module

Two. TTS module

Three. Network SMS/MMS module


Five. Video Transceiver module

Six. Self-checking/DTMF Code Resolution Module

Seven. Heart Beat Inspection Module (The Code is transmitted by network)

Eight. TCP/IP Network Transmission Management Module

Nine. Patrol management module

Ten. Video management module

Eleven. Storage and control module of real-time video

Twelve. Control module for power supply protection (Work with the Power Source from SSG)

Thirteen. Software matrix management module

Forteen. NVR application module (network-specific memory module)

Fifteen. SDK interface module

Sixteen. GPS module

Seventeen. API interface module

Eighteen. 3G module (EVDO, TD-SCDMA, W-CDMA CS, PS)

Nineteen. Charge docking module

Twenty. FTP maps and Google Map access module

Twenty One. Automatic and synchronous back-up date module

Twenty two. Digital Signaling Moduel

Twenty three. Video Modules


Calling System Application

1. Can you take care of the elderly at every time?When the elder have the accident,but you havent been there near them,so what you will do? Now,don¡ät worry,our calling system can help you solve the problem and bring the sense of security to you.Our calling system can monitor what happening. If you want to know the situation of the elder,then you can use your 3G Mobile Phone to watch the video and also can storage the video.The most important,the elder can call for the help,So if you have our calling system,you just don¡ät worry,you can watch what happening about the elder at any time no matter where you are.So our calling system provide the emgency help for the elder and also help you put your heart down.

2. We install the calling system at the Hospital 120 Ambulance,when you send the patients to hospital,the experts can remotely tell the health care professionals what should to do at the emergency situation so that can save the time,ensure the patients can safe arrival at the hospital.

3. Whe you are very busy with your work,you can watch the life situation about the your parents.Of course you can bring them the best wishes of the festival, birthday and so on.
And video are very clear.

4. When the elder are always sick and at the same time the son are on abroad,then the son can talk with the elder remotely,watch the video.So doing this to take the sense of loneliness and the heart pain of the elder.

5. Does a nanny abuse old or children is often when they are not at home? Does nanny to wash Old people¡äs feet over time? It can forced the nanny not to abuse the old and children by install a 3G mobile calls , Instead ,she will serve the old man and children well , and this is she should do.

6.When parents are busy , Through 3G Monitor remote supervision the children at home and let them not to surf on the internet excessively ,do the homework on time, go to bed on time, and to supervision whether their children have been followed by bad guy.

7: When children are study in the shcool, mom can care online:It can applied in nurseries and kindergartens. If the parents feel worried about their children, they can watch whether his son take a meal on time ,or whether his son have been fighting with others in the kindergarten via internet

8: prevent looting, emergency button, concealed alarm: suitable for bank, jewellery stores, enterprise boss offices, various Financial Affairs Office, when meeting financial room robbed, the people mention above can press the emergency alarm button on the platform gently in a concealed location , Public Security Bureau receiveing alarm information in the Centrl Monitor System will deal with it immediately, and can also monitoring via video..
For example: -- -- -- boss Tom is at work in the company, someone burst into his office and going to have a robbery -- -- -- boss Tom talk with him with as causal tone as he can , while press emergency alarm button on his desk catlike, and the alarm information is sent out, Public Security Bureau send out the policeman immediately after receiving warning information ,the scoundrel has been captured at last while he was still kept in the dark.

9.It can be applied in community emergency: For example ,There is no body at home except Lucy and she is only 4 years old, if there is anybody outside the door and said that he is Lucy¡äs relative and want Lucy to open the door ,should she do it ?
If Lucy feel don¡ät recognize this uncle,she can press the emergency call button stealthily, so that the message can send out without startle the people outside.The center Monitor System can show the emergency and call Lucy¡äs dad. Lucy¡äs dad can confirm that whether the people outside the door is a friend or not.

10. Grandma Katy live alone, one day when she was cook in the kitchen , suddenly, an accident fire was happened, grandma cann¡ät action inconvenience, she immediately press the emergency button in the kitchen , the community Center Monitor System show the emergency information and came to help grandma immediately. Due to the disposal timely, there is an disaster have been avoided.

11. Community for defining: For instance , there was one night when Grandma Katy was in her bedroom alone,suddenly,she heard something strange noise in her study seems looking for something ,but Granma dare to take a look what¡äs happening ,so she pressed the emergency button
At the front of the bed, the community Center Monitor System show the emergency information and came to help grandma immediately. The thief has been captured at last.After Grandma know this ,he was appreciate.

12. Cooperate with police station. When violent happens,residents push the emergency button to send alarm. The CMS receives the alarm and then call the police.

13. Cooperate with community hospital. The hospital can sent the system to those who need help like custom patient, the old who need service usually. The system timely inform patient the time to have medicine and to do sports.It can remotely help the patient take medical examination and so on. The CMS can display the patient¡äs name,address,phone number,medical history and the way to deal with emergency.

14. It can be used at railway station,help station,hospital lobby and ATM room.When pilferage or violent happens,CMS will show the location detail for police or security guard.

15. It can also be used in school. Installing an emergency button for every classroom,washing room,lobby,dormitory and so on.The alarm will be sent to the CMS of security office.

16. Used in Geracomium, social welfare institute. When the old have problems,if he or she push the emergency button,the CMS will tell the right person with the right position.Like the following:

17. Work with super market,smack bar and so on.For example,if you are hungry and don¡ät want to go out,just push the button without dial the number one by one,and the nearby service center will send what you want.

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